Luke Christopher – Building Skies (Mixtape)

I’m a little late on this one, but this project is just too good not to share with you. 18 year old rapper/singer/producer out of Los Angeles, Luke Christopher, dropped his debut mixtape entitles “Building Skies” on New Years day. After my first listen through the tape (it truly is a free album) I was instantly able to place it into my top projects of 2012. The thing that separates Luke Christopher from all of the rest is the honesty you can feel behind his lyrics. He talks about what’s going on both inside and all around him in the life he lives as an up and coming artist. In songs such as “Attention”, “Celebrate”, “Pretend We’re In Love”, and “Christopher Robin” Luke shows his soulful singing ability, drawing comparisons to the likes of John Legend himself. Already having a feature from Asher Roth on a track (Rooftops) definitely doesn’t hurt one’s confidence; but after all it is Luke Christopher who said, “If you want to make it in this business you gotta love it, and you gotta have no doubt in your mind that you’re gonna do it”.

With a Common-like flow, an incredibly smooth voice, and confidence in all the right places, Luke Christopher has what it takes to make it big in the music world. There is no doubt that the teenager from Hollywood won’t be a top player in the game soon. Download “Building Skies” below and check out visuals from a few of Luke’s hits.


Building Skies (mixtape) DOWNLOAD


“Roof Tops” – Luke Christopher feat. Asher Roth


“The Social Network” – Luke Christopher


“Celebrate” – Luke Christopher


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